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With effect from the 01.01.2021 our former company VIDATRONIC ApS was closed, but at the same time "replaced" with a new profile, "VIDATRONIC, VTR CONSULT", in general just called VIDATRONIC, and consequently we have a new CVR number, DK-41978023.

At the same time we have closed down our UTP series, based on the fact that the demand for this type of product simply has moved towards "zero"!

The change of the company profile was also initiated in order to reduce the "administrative load" through a new company structure, however the services and reliability will for sure remain in the same way as always, and the OEM project service will for sure continue as a very interesting activity ... press the OEM button in the menu frame to see some of the works we have designed.

As the latest initiative, we have opened activities with respect to another communication segment, by establishing a product line covering the Danish or Scandinavian Radio Amateaurs segment ... read more about that under NEWS as well at press the menu button Ham Radio Activity, however the site is until further in Danish language!

OBS! Our coax amplifier and distributer series as well as our safety product series will of cause remain at our program!

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CVR: DK-41978023